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Aprimorar os conhecimentos adquiridos durante os seus estudos, de forma a avaliar a sua aprendizagem, utilizando para isso as metodologias e critérios idênticos aos maiores e melhores concursos públicos do país, através de simulados, provas e questões de concursos.


Candidatos e/ou concursandos, que almejam aprovação em concursos públicos de nível Médio do concurso ENEM.


Este simulado contém questões da banca INEP, para nível Médio do cargo de Diversos. Auxiliando em sua aprovação no concurso público escolhido. Utilizamos provas de concursos anteriores, conforme editais mais recentes ENEM.

*Conteúdo Programático do Simulado de Linguagens, Códigos e suas Tecnologias e Redação do concurso ENEM.

Língua estrangeira

* Nem todos os assuntos serão abordados neste simulado de prova e questões de Linguagens, Códigos e suas Tecnologias e Redação.
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One of the things that made an incredible impression on me in the film was Frida’s comfort in and celebration of her own unique beauty. She didn’t try to fit into conventional ideas or images about womanhood or what makes someone or something beautiful. Instead, she fully inhabited her own unique gifts, not particularly caring what other people thought. She was magnetic and beautiful in her own right. She painted for years, not to be a commercial success or to be discovered, but to express her own inner pain, joy, family, love and culture. She absolutely and resolutely was who she was. The trueness of her own unique vision and her ability to stand firmly in her own truth was what made her successful in the end.

                          HUTZLER, L. Disponível em: Acesso em: 6 maio 2013.


A autora desse comentário sobre o filme Frida mostra-se impressionada com o fato de a pintora 


ter uma aparência exótica.


vender bem a sua imagem.


ter grande poder de sedução. 


assumir sua beleza singular.


recriar-se por meio da pintura. 

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British Government to Recruit Teens as Next Generation of Spies


      In the 50 years since the first James Bond movie created a lasting impression of a British secret agent, a completely different character is about to emerge. Britain’s intelligence agencies are to recruit their next generation of cyber spies by harnessing the talents of the “Xbox generation”.

      In an expansion of a pilot program, Foreign Secretary William Hague announced Thursday that up to 100 18-year-olds will be given the chance to train for a career in Britain’s secret services. The move to recruit school-leavers marks a break with the past, when agencies mainly drew their staff from among university graduates.

      “Young people are the key to our country’s future success, just as they were during the War”, Hague said. “Today we are not at war, but I see evidence every day of deliberate, organized attacks against intellectual property and government networks in the United Kingdom.”

      The new recruitment program, called the Single Intelligence Account apprenticeship scheme will enable students with suitable qualifications in science, technology or engineering, to spend two years learning about communications, security and engineering through formal education, technical training and work placements.

                         JEARY, P. Disponível em: Acesso em: 19 nov. 2012.


Segundo informações veiculadas pela NBC News, a geração digital já tem seu espaço conquistado nas agências britânicas de inteligência. O governo britânico decidiu que 


enfrentará a guerra vigente e deliberada contra a propriedade intelectual no Reino Unido.


abandonará a política de contratação de universitários como agentes secretos.


recrutará jovens jogadores de Xbox como ciberespiões das agências de inteligência.


implantará um esquema de capacitação de adolescentes para atuarem como agentes secretos. 


anunciará os nomes dos jovens a serem contratados pelas agências de inteligência.

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Nesse texto publicitário são utilizados recursos verbais e não verbais para transmitir a mensagem. Ao associar os termos anyplace e regret à imagem do texto, constata-se que o tema da propaganda é a importância da


preservação do meio ambiente.


manutenção do motor. 


escolha da empresa certa. 


consistência do produto.


conservação do carro.

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Children and Guns

Published: May 7, 2013

To the Editor: Re “Girl’s Death by Gunshot Is Rejected as Symbol” (news article, May 6):


I find it abhorrent that the people of Burkesville, Ky., are not willing to learn a lesson from the tragic shooting of a 2-year-old girl by her 5-year-old brother. I am not judging their lifestyle of introducing guns to children at a young age, but I do feel that it’s irresponsible not to practice basic safety with anything potentially lethal — guns, knives, fire and so on. How can anyone justify leaving guns lying around, unlocked and possibly loaded, in a home with two young children? I wish the family of the victim comfort during this difficult time, but to dismiss this as a simple accident leaves open the potential for many more such “accidents” to occur. I hope this doesn’t have to happen several more times for legislators to realize that something needs to be changed.


Brooklyn, May 6, 2013

                                                              Disponível em: Acesso em: 10 maio 2013.


No que diz respeito à tragédia ocorrida em Burkesville, a autora da carta enviada ao The New York Times busca 


reconhecer o acidente noticiado como um fato isolado.


responsabilizar o irmão da vítima pelo incidente ocorrido.


apresentar versão diferente da notícia publicada pelo jornal.


expor sua indignação com a negligência de portadores de armas.


reforçar a necessidade de proibição do uso de armas por crianças.

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Israel Travel Guide


Israel has always been a standout destination. From the days of prophets to the modern day nomad this tiny slice of land on the eastern Mediteranean has long attracted visitors. While some arrive in the 'Holy Land’ on a spiritual quest, many others are on cultural tours, beach holidays and eco-tourism trips. Weeding through Israel’s convoluted history is both exhilarating and exhausting. There are crumbling temples, ruined cities, abandoned forts and hundreds of places associated with the Bible. And while a sense of adventure is required, most sites are safe and easily accessible. Most of all, Israel is about its incredibly diverse population. Jews come from all over the world to live here, while about 20% of the population is Muslim. Politics are hard to get away from in Israel as everyone has an opinion on how to move the country forward — with a ready ear you’re sure to hear opinions from every side of the political spectrum.

                                                      Disponível em Acessoem: 15jun. 2012.


Antes de viajar, turistas geralmente buscam informações sobre o local para onde pretendem ir. O trecho do guia de viagens de Israel 


descreve a história desse local para que turistas valorizem seus costumes milenares.


informa hábitos religiosos para auxiliar turistas a entenderem as diferenças culturais.


divulga os principais pontos turísticos para ajudar turistas a planejarem sua viagem.


recomenda medidas de segurança para alertar turistas sobre possíveis riscos locais.


apresenta aspectos gerais da cultura do país para continuar a atrair turistas estrangeiros.

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                       Frankentissue: printable cell technology

      In November, researchers from the University of Wollongong in Australia announced a new bio-ink that is a step toward really printing living human tissue on an inkjet printer. It is like printing tissue dot-by-dot. A drop of bioink contains 10,000 to 30,000 cells. The focus of much of this research is the eventual production of tailored tissues suitable for surgery, like living Band-Aids, which could be printed on the inkjet.

      However, it is still nearly impossible to effectively replicate nature’s ingenious patterns on a home Office accessory. Consider that the liver is a series of globules, the kidney a set of pyramids. Those kinds of structures demand 3D printers that can build them up, layer by layer. At the moment, skin and other flat tissues are most promising for the inkjet.

                           Disponível em: Acesso em: 2 dez. 2012


O texto relata perspectivas no campo da tecnologia para cirurgias em geral, e a mais promissora para este momento enfoca o(a)

uso de um produto natural com milhares de células para reparar tecidos humanos.




reprodução de células em 3D para ajudar nas cirurgias de recuperação dos rins.


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Orientações à população são encontradas também em sites oficiais. Ao clicar no endereço eletrônico mencionado no cartaz disponível na internet, o leitor tem acesso aos(às) 



relatos de sobreviventes em tragédias marcantes. 


tipos de desastres naturais possíveis de acontecer.


informações sobre acidentes ocorridos em Connecticut. 


medidas de emergência a serem tomadas em catástrofes.

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                             Italian university switches to English

                By Sean Coughlan, BBC News education correspondent

                         16 May 2012 Last updated at 09:49 GMT

      Milan is crowded with Italian icons, which makes it even more of a cultural earthquake that one of Italy's leading universities — the Politecnico di Milano — is going to switch to the English language. The university has announced that from 2014 most of its degree courses — including all its graduate courses — will be taught and assessed entirely in English rather than Italian.

      The waters of globalisation are rising around higher education — and the university believes that if it remains Italian-speaking it risks isolation and will be unable to compete as an international institution. “We strongly believe our classes should be international classes — and the only way to have international classes is to use the English language”, says the university’s rector, Giovanni Azzone.

                       COUGHLAN, S. Disponível em: Acesso em: 31 jul. 2012.


As línguas têm um papel importante na comunicação entre pessoas de diferentes culturas. Diante do movimento de internacionalização no ensino superior, a universidade Politecnico di Milano decidiu



investir na divulgação da universidade no mercado internacional.


substituir a língua nacional para se inserir no contexto da globalização.


estabelecer metas para melhorar a qualidade do ensino de italiano. 

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                                Ebony and ivory

Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony

Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don't we?

We all know that people are the same wherever we go

There is good and bad in ev'ryone,

We learn to live, we learn to give

Each other what we need to survive together alive

McCARTNEY, P Disponível em: Acesso em: 30 maio 2016.

Em diferentes épocas e lugares, compositores têm utilizado seu espaço de produção musical para expressar e problematizar perspectivas de mundo. Paul McCartney, na letra dessa canção, defende 




as manifestações culturais. 


o bem em relação ao mal. 


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      BOGOF is used as a noun as in 'There are some great bogofs on at the supermarket' or an adjective, usually with a word such as 'offer’ or 'deal’ — 'there are some great bogof offers in store'.

      When you combine the first letters of the words in a phrase or the name of an organisation, you have an acronym. Acronyms are spoken as a word so NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) is not pronounced N-A-T-O. We say NATO. Bogof, when said out loud, is quite comical for a native speaker, as it sounds like an insult, 'Bog off!’ meaning go away, leave me alone, slightly childish and a little old-fashioned.

      BOGOF is the best-known of the supermarket marketing strategies. The concept was first imported from the USA during the 1970s recession, when food prices were very high. It came back into fashion in the late 1990s, led by big supermarket chains trying to gain a competitive advantage over each other. Consumers were attracted by the idea that they could get something for nothing. Who could possibly say 'no’?

                              Disponível em: Acesso em: 2 ago. 2012 (adaptado). 


Considerando-se as informações do texto, a expressão “bogof” é usada para 

anunciar mercadorias em promoção. 


pedir para uma pessoa se retirar. 


comprar produtos fora de moda. 



chamar alguém em voz alta. 


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